Why Is It Important to Delete Data
From Old Hard Drives?

Having the ability to digitally store data has allowed businesses to upscale much faster than in the past. However, there are also risks, as data can be compromised in a number of ways by bad players, such as hackers. If your business needs to upgrade to new and improved equipment, it is important to ensure old data is backed up and, more importantly, wiped from old hardware.

Wiping Data

The ideal solution is wiping data from hardware while protecting the integrity of the hardware so you can sell it to someone else. This can be achieved through the use of software, such as the Multiple-Pass Overwrite Approach for HDD or the One-Pass Overwrite Approach for SSD.

These methods scan the hard drive to determine whether it is stable enough to wipe data without destroying the functionality of the hardware. If the hardware has suffered serious corruption, reuse may not be an option. However, with the data wiped, you can safely dispose of hardware that is no longer functional.

Destroying Hardware

It is never safe to simply dispose of hardware that contains data. First of all, if your business holds sensitive data, opportunist thieves could cash in from a dumpster-diving expedition. There are also laws that regulate the disposal of computer equipment, such as hard drives.

Before recycling compromised hard drives, all data should be completely wiped. In the information age, data is gold. The last thing you want is to expose sensitive data related to customers or clients to crooks. These savvy criminals can commit identity theft, fraud and bribery solely based on the information they extract from a discarded hard drive.

MGI Inc. wipes your hard drives using software designed to maintain the integrity of usable hardware. If your equipment is beyond saving, we can still cleanse it and handle disposal according to all relevant laws and regulations. Call today to learn more.