Is your Business IT Hardware Intensive?

Is your Business IT Hardware Intensive?
For many businesses, IT hardware is an essential part of everyday operations. If your business frequently changes or upgrades equipment such as hard drives, networking cables, and servers, recycling is critical.

There are several issues related to recycling IT hardware that presents challenges for businesses.
From data protection to environmental concerns, it is essential to comply with the law and adhere to socially conscious practices.

Data Scrubbing & Hard Drives
Sensitive data can fall into unauthorized individuals or organizations' hands if hard drives are not wiped during the recycling process. Whether your business practice is to resell or scrap obsolete hard drives, effective data scrubbing is essential.


MGI Inc. uses both multi-pass and one-pass methods to wipe hard drives depending on the type of equipment and intended recycling approach. These methods meet the compliance standards associated with most industries. Any equipment that is suitable for resale will not lose value as a result of the process.

Recycling IT Hardware
Consider recycling hard drives that are not fit for resale via processes that are kind to the environment. At MGI Inc, we work with an R2-certified partner to ensure that all reusable materials are processed under the law and in an environmentally friendly way.

Businesses that experience intensive use of IT hardware can save money on purchasing new equipment through effective recycling. MGI Inc. offers full resale value for viable hard drives and other IT equipment. We can also furnish your business with all the IT hardware you need to upscale to new levels of success.


Browse our store today or get a quote on the resale of your IT equipment today. We aim to provide businesses with affordable IT asset management solutions on a global scale.