Have You Considered the Security Risks to Your Business?

When completing an overhaul of your business's IT systems, it can be tempting to focus on the incoming technology. However, there is a significant risk to ignoring information security concerns. Marginalizing the importance of this can put your business and reputation in jeopardy. In addition, failure to properly sanitize your hard drives before donating, selling, returning or disposing of them can have several long-lasting effects. 

This includes the loss of confidential, personal and private data to those with nefarious intent. Unauthorized users can use any recovery services for Shift-deleted, formatted or lost data. It is important to remember that many countries, including the USA, have legal obligations to abide by in this regard, including several international laws such as GLBA, SOX and HIPPA. 

Why Deleted Does Not Mean Gone

You may have typed confidential or potentially damaging information but are confident that this has been removed from your computer by deleting it via the Delete key or Shift + Delete. Unfortunately, this is not the case. While that link to the stored data has been removed, it is not removed from the hard disk completely. Similarly, formatting the hard drive does not permanently remove all stored data. It can still be recovered unless it is overwritten. 

Trust MGI to Sanitize Your Hard Drives

MGI has over 25 years of experience in managing IT solutions. This includes recyclers, education systems, financial institutes, medical organizations, data centers, and lease companies. You can trust us to eviscerate your data. This is in alignment with our tenants of honesty, integrity, innovation and trust.

Our team understands how crucial destroying sensitive information is to your business. So, when disposing of obsolete hard drives, turn to MGI for specialist services. We can take care of data removal and the destruction of your old equipment.