Customized Computing can Speed up your Business Processes

Customized Computing can Speed up your Business Processes
The speed at which you can run IT business processes will affect productivity. If your employees are sitting around waiting for screens to load or programs to run, that results in unnecessary downtime. Almost instant processing can take place with the right components.

Your older machines may no longer have the ability to handle updated or new software, which means something has to give. Rather than purchasing entirely new computers, you can upgrade some machines with components with faster processing capabilities.

The processor is an essential component in computing. The fastest multi-core GHz processors are capable of processing over a billion instructions per second. If your computers are running slow, it is worth considering whether the processor can be upgraded to speed up computing power.

Memory (RAM)
Without enough RAM to run the software that your computers use, you will find that business processes slow down to a crawl. The slowdown comes from the computer transferring functions to the hard drive, which is less capable of running those programs than if the RAM handled them.

Hard Drive
The hard drive also has an impact on how effectively your computers handle processes. For instance, the traditional type of hard drive (HDD) has working parts, resulting in longer processing times. However, the newer SSD (Solid-State Drive) does not use moving parts, eliminating much of the lag
associated with processing information.

Video Card
The video card is often vital for business processes that handle graphics. Gamers update the video card to improve speed and performance. When you translate that reason to business processes, you achieve reduced downtime because of graphics lag.

There are several strategies for upgrading your IT equipment, depending on the types of running business processes. Explore our MGI stock list to find your solutions.